None of us want to neglect a whole side of ourselves; that’s why we place such a high value on literature, art, and music. They develop our senses, nourish our minds, and feed our souls. And New York, in addition to being such a great place to have fun and meet up with friends, is also a mecca of culture.

One of these shrines is known as the Museum of Modern Art, or MoMA for short. Located in Manhattan on West Fifty-third Street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, the MoMA is renowned for its wonderful collections. So why not take a day to visit?

“But,” you say, “what’s going on at the MoMA?” A fair question. The MoMA has far too many things going on to list them all off, but to pick a few at random, we have…

An exhibition on Yoko Ono. This installation (the first the MoMA has had on the woman in question) has about 125 pieces, ranging from text to pictures to films.

The One Way Ticket Exhibition, featuring all 60 panels of Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series, documenting in painting form the movement of African-American people from the south to the north along with art, music, and poetry from this time.

There are many other exhibits and installations in the museum. Check out the website for more information!

Going with Kids
One problem that many would be art connoisseurs run into is that they don’t know how to visit the museum with their family. After all, art museums are boring for kids, right? Not so! The MoMA has a number of exhibits outlined on their website that are great choices for kids.

Among these are family gallery talks, where kids can be interactively engaged in the art around them, and MoMA Art Labs where kids actually get a chance to create their own masterpieces. Just check out this special part of their site for more!

In the end, any way you decide to spend time at MoMA will be an acculturated and pleasant one. And what more fitting way to get you there and back then the Seastreak ferry, whose very name evokes class and culture?


Sea you Soon!

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