This Halloween, the Brooklyn Children’s Museum is giving you and your child a chance to groove to the hippest dance in Halloween before trick-or-treating! On Saturday the 31st, from 10am to 5pm, the museum is hosting a fun-filled Monster Mash event! The event is only $11 per person (or free if you’re a member of the museum!), and it’s a great way to pack in the Halloween fun all day long.

What kind of events does the BCM have in store for you? Here are some of the most spooky, spine-tingling, and just plain fun of them!
Monster Mash 1
The Hands-On Stations: Creepy Crawlers and More
Just because Halloween normally focuses on ghosts, goblins, and ghouls doesn’t mean that you can’t bring the scares into the real world! This activity gives your child a chance to touch some of the world’s creepiest creatures, from the hissing cockroach to the superworm! If you think your kid might be interested in this one, you might consider bringing some hand sanitizer with you. I’m sure the museum will have some on hand, but still. Ick.

While the creepy crawlers touch station is perhaps the most memorable, there are plenty of other spooky touch experiences to be had, as well — from snakes to sea creatures to animal skulls.
Monster Mash 2
The Little Monsters Jam
For monsters ages five and under only, this event gives kids a chance to dance to some Halloween beats. This is important for Halloween — with all the sugar they’re going to be eating at night, you’ll want to drain as much of their energy as possible beforehand. And the other half of this event is that the little ones get to make their own “spook-tacular” trick-or-treat bags! A very efficient way of letting them have fun while saving you some hassle.
Monster Mash 3
Of course, there is more fun to be had (including a mariachi band!), but the key thing is to get there. Go online and reserve your tickets now to make sure you get a spot! And herd your little monsters over on Seastreak. With all the tricks that the holiday (never mind your children) will play on you, you need to make sure you get in at least one good treat for yourself. So go check out the events, and have a Happy Halloween!

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