Humans have done the hunter-gatherer routine for ages. Contrary to popular cinematic culture, we didn’t run around spearing dinosaurs (or even running from a Tyrannosaurus rex with a craving for appetizers). Our ancient ancestors brought down some highly worthy beasts, though, and learning to cook their prey over a fire gave them a huge advantage over other species. These days, we’ve evolved far enough to convince other people to cook our meat for us. Maximize your evolutionary advantage by hitting up a restaurant that takes cooking meat to the next level of delicious. Head to the Bowery Meat Company, at 9 East 1st Street!

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Don’t Call It a Steakhouse

Whatever you do, don’t call the Bowery Meat Company a steakhouse. Josh Capon has been here for years, cooking the meat and grilling it over the heat. Bowery Meat Company is one of his brainchildren, and for it, he’s created a meat-centric menu that surpasses a simple steakhouse’s offerings.

What sort of meats can you find there? Beef, of course, because a carnivore oasis wouldn’t be complete without it. (Theirs comes from Diamond Creek Ranch.) They’ve also got Colorado lamb and veal, as well as duck and chicken. Meat also comes from the sea, and the Bowery Meat Company hasn’t forgotten it. There’s incredible, fresh seafood available to order.

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A Meating of the Minds

So, what’s for dinner? Start off with some hand-cut steak tartare, or maybe a sea scallop crudo. Indulge in an order of oysters from the raw bar (naked or dressed, as they say). If you want to hasta to the pasta, bring a friend along to share the duck lasagna for two, or eat on your own with a gorgeous veal chop!

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