Some of the most delicious foods can trace their humble roots to the city that never sleeps. Check out these great city treasures that were either born or perfected in the cultural potluck that is New York City.


Although there are many variations of this baked circular bread, the best ones are in the city. New York bagels have fans from all over the world. That may be because the process of boiling them before baking makes the inside soft and chewy and the outside glossy and crusty. They’re usually served with a soft spread like cream cheese, or savory treats like salmon.

Some say the best bagels can be found at:


359 First Ave

New York, NY 10010

(212) 260-2252 831

Third Ave New York, NY 10022

(212) 980-1010


Black and White Cookies or Half and Half’s

If you’re a fan of Seinfeld, you’re probably familiar with this sweet shortbread cookie. And even if Seinfeld isn’t your thing, it remains one of the most popular deli desserts.  This soft cookie is usually covered with a hard vanilla and chocolate frosting which create two half moon shapes on the top, which is why these cookies are also known as half-moons to some.

Some day the best Black and White cookies can be found at:

Glaser’s Bake Shop

1670 First Avenue

New York, NY 10128

(212) 289-2562


Hot Dogs

Food kiosks are a staple in New York City, and hot dogs are one of their most popular food items!  They’re usually topped with sauerkraut and mustard, and remain a favorite of New Yorkers, especially during baseball season!  Another NYC classic available at kiosks is the soft pretzel, also usually served with mustard.

Some say the best hot dogs can be found at:

Katz’s Delicatessen

205 E. Houston St. (Ludlow St.)

Manhattan, NY 10002


Egg Creams

These popular soda fountain drinks are made from soda water, syrup and milk. This refreshing beverage might have been created as a cheaper alternative to the milkshake. Sources say that the recipe originally included both eggs and cream, but lost its namesake ingredients due to their rising prices.

Some say the best Egg Creams can be found at:

Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop

Fifth Avenue between 22nd and 23rd Streets

Manhattan, NY 10002



This Eastern European food may have gotten its start across the world, but it rose to fame in the city.  Knishes are balls of fried or baked dough with a savory, or sometimes sweet filling. Popular fillings include potatoes, sauerkraut, meat, or fruits.

Some say the best Knish can be found at:

Yonah Schimmel Knish Bakery

137 East Houston Street New York, NY 10002

Between 1st & 2nd – The Lower East Side

 (212) 477-2858



New York-style cheesecake is definitely decadent.  This variation is usually made with either sour cream or cream cheese, which create an unapologetically rich dessert.  Cheesecake flavors can vary, but we’re fans of the plain cheesecake topped with a few fresh strawberries as garnish.

Some say the best cheesecake can be found at:


204 E. 10th St.

Manhattan, NY 10002





We bet this list has made you pretty hungry.  So what are you waiting for?  Hop on a Seastreak ferry, and head on over to the Big Apple to enjoy some of these delicious classics!  With our spacious seating, you’ll have plenty of room to stretch out after a big meal.

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