Now that Halloween is over, and our rubber spiders and skeletons are packed away in the attic once more, it’s time for the real scares to start. That’s right, it’s time to start thinking about holiday shopping. But don’t fret! We’re here to help you find the best places to seek out the perfect gift for those special someones in your life… as well as your great aunt Frieda, that annoying coworker who keeps forwarding you inane emails, and all those other people who politeness dictates must receive gifts. No matter the person, we’ve got you covered!

To start off, we’ll be taking a look at the Holiday Shops at Bryant Park.
Holiday Shops Bryant Park 1
The Shops
When you go to the holiday shops at Bryant Park, you’re not just going to a store, or to a small square. This open air market, featuring artisans from all over the world, has over 125 separate shops, each dedicated to bringing you something amazing! These shops are small, charming, and almost boutiques, with a range of goods varying from jewelry, to apparel, to food, and more!
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A Sampling of What’s in (the) Store
With more than 125 shops, the Holiday Shops are a place you really need to go yourself to browse and find that exciting novelty that tickles your fancy. But, just to whet your appetite, here are three shops that you might find to be of interest.

Hot Hugs – this shop sells pillows filled with a special herbal blend designed to help relax a stressed or aching body. Just pop these in the microwave, apply them to whatever part of your body is distressed, and sit back. The pillow does the work. They even have versions in various shapes, including fuzzy slippers!

Pink Cloud Gallery – at Pink Cloud, you’ll never need to ask for the time: this shop sells nothing but clocks! They’re best known for their colorful, cat- and dog-themed clocks, but even if that’s not your thing, they have plenty of other beautiful timepieces for you to browse!

JapanWave – this shop sells all things Japanese, from practical bento boxes for lunch, to toys and dolls, all the way to full-body animal costumes! With items for the down-to-earth and whimsical alike, this shop is a must for any Japan-ophile!
Holiday Shops Bryant Park 3
The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park are a great way to have a fun experience while supporting real artisans — and getting that pesky holiday shopping out of the way! And remember to take Seastreak when you go! We are, after all, the most civilized way of getting there, and an open-air market of boutique shops is, you must admit, a pretty darn civilized destination! So put on your favorite coat and join us on our way to the shops — the more you see of them now, the less you’ll have to see of crowded department stores come December.

Sea you Soon!
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