When you think of New York, there are a whole lot of things that might come to mind. The Empire State Building might well be one of them, or Times Square. Or perhaps Central Park, an oasis of easygoing green in the city that never sleeps.

What you probably do not think of is lions, or tigers, or… whatever this thing is.

Bronx Zoo 1

Oh my.

With a diverse group of animals, simply going and strolling around can be a whole day’s worth of fun. But it doesn’t stop there! The Bronx Zoo, located at 2300 Southern Blvd., offers a number of special activities.

Bronx Zoo 2

String Theory Theater

The most fun your kids have at the zoo may well be in the 4D-Theater exhibit. This special theater shows films like Ice Age 4 and Dora and Diego’s Adventure. They are shown in 3-D, and then add in real physical effects! You can feel that gust of wind, see the mist rise around you, and even smell those beautiful flowers that Dora just picked.

I really hope that’s what they used the scent for, anyway.


Walk Like an Egyptian Nile Crocodile

Bronx Zoo 3

If you have constant trouble keeping your child from achieving escape velocity, try the Animal Activity Trail. This activity tours children through the park, allowing them to meet many different animals and learn about their amazing athletic abilities – and then imitate them as they go through the zoo!

I should close by mentioning that I’ve talked a lot about stuff for kids. But the zoo doesn’t have to be just for children; let your inner child out to play! And don’t worry about losing your adult dignity; if you ride with us on the Seastreak, we can promise you adult-level luxury on the rides there and back.

Sea you Soon!

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