Food doesn’t just have to nourish the body. Some foods also nourish the soul, with flavors that soothe the spirit as much as they fill the stomach. Doesn’t even matter if you’re familiar with a particular dish. Eating it still feels like going home. When you’re looking for a little culinary comfort, head up to SoHo, and Jack’s Wife Freda at 224 Lafayette Street. It’s a café with an odd name, but a menu full of satisfying dishes that’ll have you coming back over and over.

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Jack of All Foods

Jack’s Wife Freda (named after the grandparents of one of the owners) serves up meals with familiar components put together in unique and unusual ways. You’ll find an interesting variety of cultural foods and old favorites both. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, doesn’t matter. You won’t be disappointed any time of day.

Waffle devotees will definitely want to try the rosewater waffles, with Lebanese yogurt, mixed berries, and honey syrup. When its eggs you want, grab a plate of green shakshuka. Two baked eggs in a green shakshuka sauce, and served with challah toast.

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Café Food With a Twist

There’s nothing like a sandwich for lunch or supper, and Jack’s Wife Freda knows how to make them. The Prego roll sandwich has Portuguese skirt steak with garlic butter, and thick fries on the side. Jack’s burger features grilled tomato and fried onion. Throw a little gruyere cheese on it, you’re in burger heaven.

They say sailing’s good for the soul, too, and Seastreak’s here to help you on your spiritual journey. (Or really, to get you to Manhattan, New Jersey, and Martha’s Vineyard, which are just like spiritual journeys.) Sit out on the deck and watch the world go by, or relax in our comfortable indoor seats with a drink and a good book.


Sea you soon!

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