A restaurant’s vibe can be just as important as the food. Meals taste a little bit better when they’re served in a space you enjoy, accompanied by great music and maybe a good wine to drink. Sound good to you? Try out Charlie Bird! It’s at 5 King Street, and it’s serving up delicious seafood and modern Italian cuisine in a jazzy, distinctive dining room with a modern feel.

Charlie Bird 1

Charlie Bird is the Word

Charlie Bird’s menu is filled with foods which will seem both comfortably familiar and delightfully fresh. Whether you’re looking for a belly full of pasta or plate of seafood that was recently swimming just offshore, Charlie Bird has a selection that’s sure to please. Chef Ryan Hardy has created a selection of foods with Italian influences and New York flair.

This restaurant joins many of New York’s eateries in sourcing its ingredients locally where it can. The live diver scallops with brown butter and garlic chives may have ridden into town on one of Long Island’s fishing boats. Charlie Bird’s pasta is just as fresh as the fish, made by hand in the restaurant itself.

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The Perfect Vintage

The wine list at Charlie Bird is expertly curated, and features a spectacular list of vintages to pair with any meal. Wine aficionados will rejoice at a selection that is nothing short of epic. You’ll find wines from many regions and countries, including Italian, German, French, and American wines. Better still, every wine on the list is available in a half carafe, for those who’d prefer something less than a bottle.

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