You don’t have to be a sophisticated wine snob from an obscure region of France to pine for the vine, now and then. Studies say wine may have health benefits, when you drink it in moderation. A glass of wine is also a fantastic way to improve a rotten day, or cap off a really terrific one. Next time you’d like to sip a glass of this popular adult grape juice, and maybe catch some supper, too, head to Corkbuzz Wine Bar! It’s at 75 9th Avenue.

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To Opine on the Wine and Dine

Corkbuzz Wine Bar has caught a lot of positive press since it opened in Chelsea Market, and for good reason. Master Sommelier Laura Maniec has created one of New York’s best destinations for enjoying the fruits of the vine. The atmosphere is reminiscent of the plazas in Europe, casual but elegant in their simplicity.

On the menu, you’ll find 35 wines you can enjoy by the glass. Larger groups may want to consider one of the more than 100 bottles of wine on offer. Their collection is naturally curated by Laura Maniec herself, who has lent her expertise to creating a menu of foods and wines that pair deliciously. Enjoy one of the small plate foods, such as sandwiches and even whole artichokes, along with your chosen wine!

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A Little Taste

What’s happier than finding new wines to enjoy? Not much. Every day from 3 PM to 6 PM, Corkbuzz has a unique blind tasting happy hour. Stop in and take advantage of the opportunity to sample wines picked out by an expert in the field.

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