These days, when you’re tired after traveling, you kick back in your hotel room and order room service. Or you grab some fast food on the way back home. Used to be, though, weary travelers stopped off at taverns for hot food, a refreshing drink, and a place to rest a while. You can find a modern-day version of these at Hanjan, at 36 West 26th Street! There’s no better place to get some fresh, delicious Korean food.

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Traditional Korean Comfort Food

In Korea, travelers’ taverns were called “joomaks”, and they weren’t too unlike Europe’s gastropubs. They served the comfort foods of the area, traditional and familiar with vibrant flavors and hearty textures. Hanjan offers the same in its small, cozy location, tucked away in the Flatiron district. They believe in using organic produce when they can, as well as meats raised without antibiotics and hormones. Their seafood is caught wild, without overfishing.

Dipping Sauce Encouraged, Syrup Not So Much

You can order pancakes at Hanjan, but you’re going to want to leave your maple syrup at home. These are panjeon pancakes, made with scallions and locally sourced squid. Other traditional Korean foods include the perilla leaf dumplings with shrimp and pork, and the tempting matsutake mushroom and brisket soup.

Hanjan 2

Those who prefer more modern cuisine will want to try the garlic fried chicken with pickles, or the braised pig trotters with fresh radish kimchi. Want an easy-to-eat treat? Try one of the skewers, like the barbecue galbi short rib skewer, or the royal trumpet mushroom and scallion skewer.

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Riding a Seastreak ferry counts as a journey worthy of stopping at a joomak after! Even if it won’t leave you weary, given the comfortable catamarans and full-service bar, you still earn a trip to your favorite watering hole.


Sea you soon!

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