Seastreak dating tips: Barbeque restaurants are a great place to take that attractive Sir or Miss on the first date! Everyone loves delicious, wood-smoked meals. Besides, barbeque sauce on your faces will both give you common ground, and provide a source of laughter for breaking the ice. (This is why we run a ferry company instead of an online dating service.) No matter why you’re going out to eat, you can’t go wrong with Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque, at 103 2nd Avenue!

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Smoking Hot Food

Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque is a Smorgasburg success story. Chef Hugh Mangum, who appeared on Food Network’s “Chopped”, crafts old-fashioned barbeque out of the best meats and poultry he can come by, often grass-fed or raised outdoors. These components are spiced to complement the flavors inherent to the meats, then put in a smoker for hours to slow cook until they’re tender. It’s part of his philosophy on good barbeque: get the best ingredients you can, then don’t fuss with them too much.

The restaurant is one of New York’s finest and most authentic barbeque joints. You’ll find real pulled pork here, as well as ribs that are ready to fall off the bone. Mighty Quinn’s knows how to make baked beans, too. There’s burnt ends all throughout, adding a sweet, smoky flavor.

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Too many barbeque places smother the natural flavors in their foods with an excess of sauce. Mighty Quinn’s adds a judicious amount of sauce to allow the savory flavors of their components to shine through. You’ll find plenty of additional sauce on hand to add for yourself, if you’re so inclined.

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