“Hello, yes this is me, Eloise!” It’s easy to stay friends with a particularly rambunctious six year-old who takes up residence at one of the most prestigious hotels in the world when you visit her exclusive shop. Snap a selfie with Eloise’s portrait in The Plaza en route to the event of a lifetime!

Eloise 1

If you head downstairs you’ll find the Eloise Shop filled to the brim with fashion, food and fun! Shop for an outfit that involves a lot of tulle, and then strut your stuff in the front of the large mirror. The Fashion Room indeed has a dress for every girl; you’ll even find t-shirts and branded items to buy with Eloise’s adorable face plastered on them.

Eloise 4

In the Tea Room, a selection of Eloise plates is displayed and a mini table is available to enjoy a cupcake or two from the dining hall next door. The Eloise Shop often hosts events like arts and crafts, book readings and (what else?) tea time, which all usually take place in the Tea Room. How fancy!

Eloise 3

The Library Room is full of Eloise video clips on a television in addition to books waiting to be discovered. In the main room other souvenirs such as pens, dolls and mugs are available for purchase. Commemorate your experience by writing a letter to Eloise and dropping it in her pink mailbox; you’ll even get a response via email!

Eloise 6

For curious girls who can’t get enough of the pink decor, you can have your next birthday party here (the “Essential Eloise” or “Rawther Fancy” package) complete with decorations, food and an activity.

Let Eloise be your companion when you visit the Plaza! Don’t forget to check out (er, drool at) the Eloise Suite designed by Betsey Johnson that can be booked for a night, starting at $1,295.

Eloise 7

We think we’ll just take a doll to go; charge it, please and thank you very much!

The Plaza

Fifth Avenue at Central Park South

New York, NY 10019

(888) 850-0909

Sea you soon,

The Seastreak Family

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