It’s Carnivore Day, Part Two! Not too long ago, we pointed you toward The Cannibal Beer and Butcher, in all its meaty glory. This time, we’re all about that beef (no chicken). When you mention beef, most people think about steak, or maybe a nice hamburger. How many people daydream about flash-boiled Achilles tendon, or tender, raw liver? At Takashi, at 456 Hudson Street, no part of the cow is left untipped! It’s beef at its finest and most creative.

Takashi 1

Beef As It Was Meant To Be

Fearless diners looking for different ways to enjoy one of the most popular meats in the United States will find plenty to love at Takashi. The meats here were all hand-picked by Chef Takashi, who grew up eating Japan’s equivalent of Korean barbecue. This style, called “yakiniku”, focuses on grilled meats. Takashi focuses on the more exotic insides of the cow, including selections of stomach grilled right at your table.

This isn’t just a feast for the tongue. It’s a feast of tongue, and the Tongue Experience is one of the most popular items on the menu. The niku-uni is also a hit. It’s reminiscent of sashimi, only with raw beef sliced thin and wrapped in shiso leaves. These are topped with a bit of uni, or sea urchin, and a bit of fresh wasabi. The result is nothing short of gastronomically glorious.

Takashi 2

Familiar Favorites

Those less inclined toward adventure will find old favorites at Takashi, too. You can’t go wrong with spare ribs with bourbon barbecue sauce, and for a really special burger, try the foie gras stuffed mini Kobe burger. Everyone will find food happiness at this unique little eatery.

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