There are phrases you can’t get away with saying very often. Put certain words together, and it’s a recipe for offending everyone in earshot. Things like standing in Union Station with a megaphone and shouting, “Chicago has better pizza!” will come to no good end. But today, we’re giving you an excuse to run a few dubious words together. We’re even encouraging it! Hop on a Seastreak ferry and head over to Atlantic Highlands, NJ and visit The Flaky Tart. It’s at 145 First Avenue.

Flaky Tart 1

Pastries to Die For

Atlantic Highlands has been hiding this amazing gem of a bakery with the catchy name. For three years now, Marie Jackson has been serving the flakiest croissants and the most decadent desserts you can get your eager hands on. She’s dedicated to quality, and the best taste she can bake up. That means deliveries of organic eggs every week, and adjusting her croissant dough every day to account for the weather and humidity.

Flaky Tart 2

As tedious as it sounds, it pays off in the finished products. Deep dish apple pies, frittatas, cupcakes, cookies, and more. Stop by in the morning for a cup of coffee and a breakfast pastry, such as a melt-in-your-mouth croissant or a scone dusted in powdered sugar. For something a bit more substantial, stop by for lunch! The Flaky Tart often posts their lunch menu on their Facebook page. Gluten-free eaters aren’t left out in the cold, either, as The Flaky Tart serves some gluten-free desserts!

Flaky Tart 3

You Can Take it With You

The only thing better than a gorgeous dessert is one you can bring home to enjoy again later. The Flaky Tart serves platters of pastries, cookies by the pound, and whole cakes! Give them a call ahead of time to put in an order.

Seastreak ferries will carry you to your favorite Flaky Tart and back with our service to Atlantic Highlands!


Sea you soon!

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