The most convenient and luxurious way to get there

Whether spending a day or a week in New York City, Seastreak is the most convenient way into Manhattan from most of New Jersey (and Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket). Leave your car in our free parking lots in New Jersey and take advantage of the many amenities aboard every Seastreak ferry. You’ll be so glad you left cars, planes, and trains behind.

Simply board a ferry in Highlands, Atlantic Highlands, or Belford, NJ and travel in comfort to the big city. Passengers have the option to disembark on the East or West sides of Manhattan at Wall Street, East 35th Street, Brookfield Place or West 39th Street. When you’re ready to return home, just take a quick look at the schedule. One of our 22 daily departures is sure to get you back to NJ in no time.

Ferry terminals in Atlantic Highlands, Highlands, and Belford are connected by a free shuttle bus, giving you the flexibility to return to your vehicle at any of the three NJ terminals from which you originated.

Comforts of home, on the boat

Amenities abound including plush seating with spacious legroom, climate controlled cabins and an open-air top deck, 360-degree panoramic windows, private his/hers bathrooms, and a full-service bar with cocktails, beer, wine, sodas, tea, coffee, and snacks.

I love going to the city for a weekend, but hate getting there. That changed when my neighbor told me about Seastreak.

The fastest way to and from Manhattan

Based on our 2015 survey, our average customer saves 75 minutes roundtrip by taking Seastreak compared to other forms of transportation to or from Manhattan. If time is your most valuable asset, Seastreak is the way to go.

Seastreak is known in the area for being the quickest way to and from the city.

The most cost-effective way to get to New York City

While taking Seastreak costs about the same as it does by train or car when you add in the other costs of mileage, tolls, parking, or gas, it blows the competition away when you consider the value of your time savings, and the stress-free nature of the ferry.

When I did the math to figure out what it really cost me to drive or take the train into Manhattan compared to the ferry, Seastreak became the clear winner.