The work of some artists moves beyond the walls of galleries and curated showings of critics’ favored pieces. Their art instead contributes to the world’s views of a city, as the imagery becomes associated with both the name and the place in question. Saul Steinberg’s art became part of New York’s vast image for more than fifty years, as it graced the cover of The New Yorker and pictured both our city and visions of the American Dream. This is the last week you can see a special exhibit of Steinberg’s art at Pace Gallery (32 East 57th Street). Don’t miss the Saul Steinberg “100th Anniversary Exhibition”!

Saul Steinberg Anniversary Exhibit 1

A Foreign-Born New Yorker

Even people who don’t know Saul Steinberg’s name would recognize the distinctive art style of this Romanian-born artist. He escaped World War II to come to the United States, and this gave him a profound fondness for American culture that’s visible in his works. His journey to America, as well as his travels throughout the world, gave him a unique perspective on social structures, political systems, and cultures throughout the world.

Steinberg chose to work in whatever medium would best express his visions and ideas. This unique exhibit displays the true diversity in his talents through more than 80 pieces. Paintings, photographs, and even masks create a cross-section of Steinberg’s style, with an exciting look at some pieces that have never before been displayed.

Saul Steinberg Anniversary Exhibit 2

Icons of American Life

These pieces give us a creative glimpse into the period of time that immediately followed the last great war. It’s art that asks questions about people and society, and doesn’t give us ready answers.

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