More than thirty years ago, three friends painted themselves blue and started appearing

on the streets of Manhattan. Because hey, why not? And in New York, what would have

gotten them weird looks anywhere else, turned into a wildly popular show.


The Blue Man Group’s show now spans the globe and has found all but permanent

homes in theaters across the country. You can still be a part of this innovative and

amazing show by grabbing tickets to see Blue Man Group at off-Broadway’s Astor Place


The Best Kind of Blues

Blue Man Group has performed at Astor Place since 1991. This incredible staying power

comes from Blue Man Group’s unique and creative approach to entertainment. More than

60 Blue Men have taken the stage to bring audiences a show unlike any other, one that

will keep both kids and adults transfixed for the more than 90 minute running time.


One of the most infamous elements of Blue Man Group’s performance are the “poncho

rows”. Audience members are given rain ponchos to protect them from spattering (but

washable) paint. Let no one say that Blue Man Group doesn’t know how to make a


Meet the Blue Man Group

Hang around after the show for the chance to meet Blue Man Group’s stars! These

consummate performers stay in character even after the curtain has gone down. In lieu of

autographs, you might find yourself with blue smudges of paint to remember them by!


Let Seastreak take you from green seas to Blue Men. Join us for a luxurious – and paint

free – ferry ride to Manhattan and back.


Sea you soon!

The Seastreak Family

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