We’re well into summer, and you know what that means — barbecue! There’s probably something to be said for the great outdoors, and how they can make even an average burger taste good. But if you’ve been doing your fair share of barbecuing so far this summer — or even if you just want a burger that’s top-of-the-line — sidle on over to Bill’s Bar and Burger.

With numerous locations on Manhattan, such as the Meat Packing district and Rockefeller Center, you can choose the one that best fits your trip to the city!

Bill's Bar and Burger 1
The Biggest
Want to be part of something bigger than yourself? Bill’s has you covered. Their location in Rockefeller Center is the biggest standalone burger joint in the country, boasting a full 400 seats… and that’s not even counting the kitchens!

Bill’s has also sold 1.9 million burgers from its handful of stores. Eat your heart out — (almost) literally!

Bill's Bar and Burger 2
The Best

If you’re a burger aficionado, and will settle for nothing but the best, you’re in luck: CNN rated Bill’s as being in the “Top Ten Best Burgers in America.” Unless you’re planning to get out your passport to go get lunch, Bill’s is your best bet.

Bill’s also has plenty of other wild testimonials from big names. Serious Eats New York said it was “extremely satisfying, intensely pleasurable, and beefy burger,” and also mentioned that “the shakes and malts are off the hook!” And Josh Ozerky has called them “the burger of his dreams.”

Bill's Bar and Burger 3
The Burgerest
So hop onto their website, make some reservations (yes, you can do that at this burger joint), and prepare your taste buds for imminent joy.

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