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You have always wanted to go into Manhattan and just let loose on a shoe-buying spree, throwing your cares to the wind and enjoying the wonderful world of shoes. Well, we don’t condone losing all your fiscal marbles, as it were, but if you do want to go on a more moderate sort of spree, there are two places that stand above the rest: Cole Haan and Allen Edmonds. Each of these places have been around for close to a century, each have something that makes them special, and each have some of the best shoes you’ll find on this planet.

Oh, and you should hang out in the vicinity of Rockefeller Center. That’s where these two face off.

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Cole Haan

Cole Haan has four locations on Manhattan alone (in fairness, there are a lot of feet in Manhattan), and the one we’re looking at is located at 620 Fifth Avenue, around the Rockefeller Center area. You can always use their store locator to find a place more to your liking, if you wish.

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Founded in 1928, Cole Haan has lasted nearly a century, all the time relying on their top quality of handmade shoe. Are they comfy? Yes. Do they look good? Yes. Sounds like a couple pairs are going in the shopping bag.

Allen Edmonds
Allen Edmonds is located at 1250 Avenue of the Americas, in the area of Rockefeller Center. As before, use their store locator if you want a different store. It was founded in 1922, and has been passed down from generation to generation, and their shoes have endured the test of time.OMG Shoes 3
Comfortable? Check. Beautiful? Check. Looks like we have no choice but to make a couple purchases here, too!

No matter how many shoes you want to purchase, or how big your spree, you really can’t stop at just one of these places. Let Seastreak take you there and back so that, with all those shoes you’re buying, you get a chance to rest your feet.

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