For every one of these words you read, you get a little hungrier. More time has passed since your last meal since you started this blog entry. By the time you get to the end of this writing, you are going to be famished. If the natural process of your stomach emptying doesn’t do it, then the descriptions of the food here will. At Parm, located at 248 Mulberry Street, they take making your stomach growl seriously with their delectable Italian-American cuisine.

Parm 1

Simply Delicious Food

You won’t find limp mozzarella sticks here, or calamari with the consistency of an old tire. Chefs Mario Carbone and Rich Torrisi prepare delicious versions of old favorites, sometimes with small improvements and other times with an entirely new spin. Discover why you loved these dishes all over again!

Start your meal with warm, fresh pizza knots, or a plate of flavorful ricotta toast. Love mozzarella? How about mozzarella balls, sticks, or mozzarella with prosciutto? If you don’t fill up on baked clams and crispy calamari, you might even make it to the baked ziti.

Parm 2

The Art of the Sandwich

Let us dedicate a paragraph to the sandwiches. The glorious, mouth-watering sandwiches. Their Meatball Parm does not feature meatballs you could bounce off the floor. They have a lovely, tender texture, and aren’t overcooked. The turkey in the House Roasted Turkey is juicy and moist. Prefer your sandwiches without bread? Order the platter instead, and you can enjoy all the same goodness sans bun.

Parm 3

If you just can’t wait for a snack until you get to Parm, Seastreak ferries have full-service bars where you can pick up a fast bite to tide you over. That’s just one of the luxuries you’ll find aboard our modern catamarans. Sail Seastreak and get to your destination in style!


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