Get ready for an all-access pass to rubbing elbows with the rich and famous! That’s right, you could be the next who’s who next to Johnny Depp! Maybe even belt out a few lines with Taylor Swift or steal a kiss from Justin Timberlake — and not even have to face a restraining order! No need to worry Jessica Biel, Timberlake won’t mind – and neither will Madame Tussaud. Okay, maybe we let your imagination run wild, but it can be our little secret where you snapped those pictures of you and the famous you-know-who. Your friends don’t have to know it was at Madame Tussauds at 234 West 42nd Street, Times Square New York. Better yet, bring them along!

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The Wax Can Melt Hearts

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Madame Tussaud herself played a very interesting part in French and English history. A talented sculptor, at one point during the French Revolution she was pressed into service by the feudalistic nobles. But this did not dampen her spirits. She eventually made her way to England and in 1835, she established the Baker Street Bazaar. Her art lives on, and the fascination has not died down in over 200 years. Here we are these many years later getting up close and personal with modern day heartthrobs! Her waxy figures are melting our hearts from Las Vegas, Nevada to New York City!

Sports Icons to World Leaders!

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Dress to impress the paparazzi and get ready to get up close and personal with your favorite idol. If you’re lucky you may even catch a not-so-waxy star posing alongside their likeness! You just never know what adventure awaits you!

We Hold The Key To The Stars 5You Can Have It All!
Where else can you smile alongside British royalty and sports nobility? It really is all here in New York, and Seastreak can take you there in style. Start your star struck experience by feeling like the rich and famous yourself on the Seastreak ferry, where it’s easy to forget you’re not on your own private yacht.

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