There are plenty of art museums in New York City, but what about the art of the city itself?  Join Open House New York ( for their 11th annual Weekend event where attendees can explore the artwork of New York City architecture in plainview!

Photo by: Jeff Goldberg/Esto

Do you ever walk by a building in New York City, and stop to marvel at its beauty?  The city is filled with magnificent architecture with fascinating history.  Open House New York, a nonprofit organization, has made it its mission to promote a greater appreciation of the city’s built environment.  From historical structures to innovative new design, OHNY broadens awareness of all good design in the realm of architecture.

Every year since 2003 they have held OHNY Weekend to showcase the architectural gems of New York City.  The 11th OHNY Weekend is scheduled for October 11th through the 13th. Attendees will get to see the history and magic behind some of their favorite buildings, while also touring new ones!  There will also be informational panels, screens, and special events to attend.  Interested in going? Click here for more information!

Do you want to be front and center at this year’s OHNY Weekend? Get a Passport!  This special VIP button will allow entry for you and a friend to skip the lines and head right to the most popular sites. For more information about the Passport go to

It’s amazing to see architecture up close and in person, but seeing the big picture provides another kind of beauty.  Hop on a Seastreak ferry and take in the view of the New York City skyline from one of our comfortable seats, and enjoy the ride as you make your way to this year’s OHNY Weekend.

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