Fun fact: the more than five million people who visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral (located at 5th Avenue between 50th and 51st Streets) are not all worshipers or religious pilgrims. No, many of them are there because of the Cathedral’s historic value and great beauty! With such a well-known site right on your doorstep, you might consider paying St. Patrick’s a visit.

A Venerable History
When you visit St. Patrick’s, one of the first things you notice will be its size and sense of importance. The Cathedral is an international landmark, and has been around since 1858, when its first cornerstone was laid (although its doors did not open until 1879). It was built in the spirit of religious freedom and tolerance, and was paid for by the contributions of thousands of the poor, as well as 103 well-established citizens. The art and architecture — especially the stained-glass windows — are famed world-round.
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Since St. Patrick’s is that great, it follows that you’ll want to take a look around. Well, the Cathedral’s staff has you covered! One option is to take a tour at your convenience with the Cathedral App. This is a self-guided tour which will enlighten you as to all sorts of facts and stories about the history of the Cathedral. You can also catch a live tour on certain dates, such as Friday 10/16 (to name just one). Whichever tour you choose, you’ll be enriched, enlightened… and most importantly, you’ll have fun!
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One of the most unexpected (though actually pretty logical, once you think about it) aspects of the Cathedral is that it offers concerts to the public! It is just starting its 2015-2016 season, comprising five shows. The first performance is this month: the Three Organists Spectacular. This show, at 7pm on Thursday, October 22nd, is just the first in the series. Expect great things from the 36th Annual A City Singing at Christmas, and A Chamber Music Celebration concerts (and, of course, the other two will probably be pretty good, too).
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St. Patrick’s Cathedral goes beyond the one (still daunting, still most important) purpose for which it was established. Now an international landmark, it attracts visitors from the world over to see its majestic architecture and learn the story of its construction. So go ahead — be one of them! And when you do, get yourself there on Seastreak! Like the Cathedral, our boats are constructed with the utmost care in order to give the best possible experience to those making the journey within. Whether your journey in the church is a spiritual one or one of more secular interest, your journey in the ferry will be one of comfort and ease.

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