Dear Seastreak Customer,

On Monday, July 25, 2016 Seastreak will implement a 3% price increase on all ticket types between New Jersey and New York.  This is the first price increase that Seastreak has made in more than four years.  Please see the table below for the new pricing on all ticket types:

Ticket Type Ticket Price Ticket Price
7/18/16 7/25/16
40-Trip $655 $675
40-Trip Off Peak $520 $536
40-Trip Student $480 $494
10-Trip $205 $211
Round Trip – Adult $45 $46
One Way – Adult $26 $27
Round Trip – Child $17 $18
One Way – Child $10 $11
Transfer $5 $5
Bike $5 $5

Over the past several years, we have invested significant capital in our shore side facilities and in our vessels in order to provide the safe, comfortable, reliable and convenient service that you expect and deserve, and our plans include significant continued investment.

The arrival of summer has brought with it the usual increase in ridership, and the vessel and parking lot congestion that comes with that.  In an effort to reduce parking lot congestion in Highlands, we are pleased to be able to offer parking at what was the Doris and Ed’s restaurant property in Highlands.  This new waterfront parking lot is available for overnight, and overflow parking.  We also recently purchased a 28-passenger shuttle bus to connect the new satellite lot to our main terminal for all Highlands departures and arrivals.  Additionally, you will recall that a few years ago we added a significant amount of parking in Atlantic Highlands with the acquisition of what was commonly referred to as the Skipper’s lot flanking Many Mind Creek.  Last summer we connected the two sides of the Skipper’s lot with a custom bridge across the creek.  We have also added small shuttles to help move people to and from that lot to the boarding area.

While we have made several improvements over the past few years on Hess Pier in Atlantic Highlands, such as adding blacktop and structure to protect our customers from the elements, we continue to work on more permanent solutions and hope to one day be able to provide a terminal type waiting area.  Likewise, we have invested significantly in the terminal in Highlands, reconstructing and remodeling the entire terminal area and are working on converting the second level to a waiting area lounge with second deck boarding capability.  We also rebuilt the entire bulkhead at Highlands.

We have also continued to invest significantly in our fleet.  The Seastreak Wall Street was the first of the four Seastreak class vessels to be upgraded and repowered.  We intend to upgrade and repower the remaining three Seastreak class vessels (Highlands, New York and New Jersey) over the next several years, with the Seastreak New York going into the shipyard this winter.  We will be replacing the vessels engines and water jets with modern tier 3 MTU 16V 4000 series engines driving Rolls Royce water jets.  This new engine and jet configuration will not only be cleaner burning, and better for the environment, but will also remove approximately 20 tons of weight, helping greatly with speed, and efficiency.  These upgrades will also involve new custom seating, windows, and carpeting, as well as other mechanical upgrades.  Seastreak plans to convert one vessel per year each winter.  These improvements will ensure that our customers will enjoy a more modern, reliable and comfortable ferry fleet for many years to come.  We are also evaluating several options to bring additional vessel capacity to our fleet which we will be able to update you on in the near future.

Over the past several years, we have been working to develop standardized policies, procedures and guidelines for vessel operations.  We are particularly proud that as of last fall, Seastreak received full accreditation of its Safety Management System (“SMS”), certified by American Bureau of Shipping.  We are the only private ferry company in the country that has a fully accredited SMS.

We do not take our ridership for granted, and we truly appreciate your patronage.  That is why you have our pledge to work hard on continual improvement in order to achieve our goal of providing you with the safe, comfortable, reliable and convenient service that you expect and deserve.



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