Philosophers and physicists don’t always travel down the same paths of thought. There’s one theory that has some of both thinking, though, and it involves the idea of different, parallel realities. Every time you make a decision, they say, another reality comes into being. In those different realities, you live out the different consequences of every choice you make. How are things different in those alternate realities? A play on Broadway right now asks those questions. Check out “Constellations”, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre (261 West 47th Street)!

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Many Realities, One Play

“Constellations” has a similar premise to Idina Menzel’s latest show, “If/Then”, but has cut out the music and replaced it with many more possibilities to explore. It’s a thoughtful, complicated drama about how one couple’s romance might exist in parallel universes, where different choices were made. The show is a little more than an hour long, but weaves in many possibilities of how each decision we make can ripple out through the future.

Constellations 2

The Stars of “Constellations”

Jake Gyllenhaal, known for his silver screen roles in “Nightcrawler” and “Source Code”, plays a beekeeper named Roland. While at a barbecue, he meets Marianne, a quantum physicist, and they get along famously. The audience watches as their potential lives unfold, and how even a different choice of words can inspire a different outcome. He stars with Ruth Wilson, known for her brilliant performance as Alice in “Luther” and Alison in “The Affair”.

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