Looking for a different sort of show to check out this week? We’ve got an illuminating idea for you! Light up an afternoon or evening by checking out one of the most creative music and dance spectaculars to hit Manhattan. It’s iLuminate, at Stage Four of the New World Stages at 340 West 50th Street. They’ve gone from talent-show hopefuls to some of the brightest stars off Broadway!

iLuminate 1

Dancing Lights in the Dark

Team iLuminate burst onto the scene in 2011 on the sixth season of America’s Got Talent, and have been dazzling audiences ever since with their incredible synthesis of music, dance, and technology. Talented performers wearing innovative light-up suits put on a show like no other, choreographed to create a visual display filled with jaw-dropping effects.

iLuminate’s shows bring the classical art form of storytelling through dance, most often seen in ballet, into a new and dazzling era. These dancers use wireless, wearable lighting systems synchronized to create a display that’s part video game, part choreographed masterpiece, and entirely unique! The costumes are a clever combination of LED lights and electroluminescent wire (or EL wire). Forget tutus and toe shoes. (Not even if you put glow sticks on the tutus.)

Shine On You Crazy Dancers

The whole family can thrill to the dance numbers set to modern techno music. Watch from the darkness in the audience as the performers tell a story of good and evil through exciting dance numbers and lights. An evil villain steals the hero’s magic wand. Can he and his friends regain the wand before it’s too late?

iLuminate 2

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