No matter what time of year it is, a sunny, Mediterranean holiday sounds like a little piece of paradise. Imagine whispering palm fronds, the gold of beaches and warm wood, and the blue of the sea. The imaginary food tastes like a fisherman pulled it from the sea just hours ago, and the vegetables are just as recently pulled from the soil. The best part of this little daydream is, it doesn’t have to remain imaginary. You can have all this and more by heading to Santina, at 820 Washington Street!

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Mediterranean Minded

Fresh fish and vegetables feature heavily on coastal Mediterranean cuisine. This healthy and delicious combination also inspires the incredible meals you can find at Santina. It’s a different take on Italian food, and a delightful change, at that.

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Certainly, there are rice and pasta dishes to be had, but you won’t find tomato-drowned spaghetti here. (You will find spaghetti blue crab!) Instead, try the amazing and unusual Chitarra Santina. Lamb sausage combines with mussels, garlic, zucchini, fresh herbs, and cherry tomatoes, and the result is culinary happiness on a previously unknown scale.

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Inspired by History

The area of town right under the High Line used to sit on part of Manhattan’s coastline. This history inspired the restaurant superteam of Mario Carbone (the chef in charge), Jeff Zalaznick, Dan Haar, and Rich Torrisi as they sought a concept for their new restaurant. Santina formed out of this idea, and both the décor and the menu reflect this brilliant idea.

As you ride a Seastreak ferry to your meal at Santina, you can imagine you’re on a glamorous cruise ship headed into the Italian shoreline. With Seastreak’s luxurious catamarans and fabulous customer service, you won’t have to imagine very hard! (Italian shoreline not included with your ticket at this time.)


Sea you soon!

The Seastreak Family



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