Pizza transcends international boundaries. While it remains indubitably Italian in history and influence, it evolves to take on the characteristics of the place in which it is made. Consider, for example, the pizzas made in Sweden, which we can only call “unique”. New York pizza is a breed unto itself, an exemplar of the class. Our chefs believe in concocting new and exciting varieties of pie while still calling back to the roots of our city. Newly opened Rocky Slims believes in this. Head to 338 3rd Avenue to taste their delicious pizzas, or one of their other creative endeavors in Italian-American cuisine!

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New Flavors from Old Favorites

Chef Angelo Romano has been a New York favorite for years. He started out at Lupa Osteria Romana before he helped make the Roberta’s menu into a memorable eating experience. But it was his job at The Pines, where the fusion of Italian cuisine and Asian ingredients left diners hungry for more, that earned him a Star Chefs Rising Star. Now, he’s heading up the kitchen at Rocky Slims, cooking up Italian-American dishes from carefully picked ingredients.

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The entrees are nothing short of spectacular. Roasted duck with rutabaga, spring onions, and saba. Or cod arrabbiata, with gnocchi alla Romana. Dig maccheroni? Order the fusilli lunghi, with mussels, oregano, and straciatella. We promised pizza, though, and Rocky Slims delivers. Literally.

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A Slice of Heaven

Rocky Slims serves a selection of pizzas almost guaranteed to make your mouth water. Even the plain pie, with tomato, mozzarella, pecorino, basil, and oregano is anything but plain. For people not hungry enough to eat the entire pie, just walk around the corner. Rocky Slims has a slice shop where you can grab a quick bite.

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