Just because it’s November, with Thanksgiving and the winter holidays just around the corner, doesn’t mean that opportunities to see the arts are winding down. On the contrary — many great performances are just starting up! And one of these, Performa 15, is wildly interesting, going beyond the conventional to host a plethora of interesting artists. To view all of their events, you should check their calendar to find what looks interesting to you. But in the meantime, here are a few events to show you what sorts of things are in store.

In Conversation
From 3-4pm on Wednesday, November 4th, you’ll have a chance to see an educational “performance” that will enrich your experience of the rest of Performa. Hendrik Folkerts (Documenta 14 curator) and RoseLee Goldberg (Performa Founder) will talk about all the obstacles that come up in trying to curate performances in a variety of contexts. Catch this talk, and you’ll begin to know what went into all of these performances.
Performa 1
Anger Workshops
From November 5th-7th, with both afternoon and evening shows on each day, you can catch some free therapy with Stuart Ringholt’s Anger Workshops. Now, you should know ahead of time — this work is participatory! You have now been warned. But remember that participation can make things all the more enjoyable. Ringbolt uses the work to explore mental illness, fear, and, yes, even embarrassment by putting himself and his participants in… odd situations. Whether you want to be entertained, or simply to blow off some steam, this show is for you.
Performa 2
On November 5th-7th at 8pm, and on November 8th at 7pm, join Wyatt Kahn for a show simply called Work. In this tongue-and-cheek performance, Kahn uses hand puppets to play the role of his paintings, who argue heatedly with him and, ultimately, rise against him in a comedic climax. Each puppet is a small copy of a larger-scale painting, and is wielded skillfully to create great visual depth with a simple instrument. This show examines the stages that go into the artistic process, and is equally fun for artists and non-artists alike.
Performa 3
Performa is one of the most interesting and avant-garde performance art events that New York has to offer. Put yourself ahead of the curve by heading over to see it — and ride with us on Seastreak! We’ll get you there speedily and with all the luxury you could hope for. Because when it comes to comfort, we’re the cutting edge of avant-garde.

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