Broadway never changes. The ages roll by, the calendar flips from year, but Broadway’s antics stay the same. One of the best ways to see how Broadway endures is to watch shows set in bygone times, to see how the trappings change, but little else bothers to. A great example of this is playing right now at the American Airlines Theater (227 West 42nd Street). See Tony-winning “Wicked” star Kristin Chenoweth and Peter Gallagher in “On the Twentieth Century”!

On the Twentieth Century 1

Desperation on the Tracks

Oscar Jaffee, a theater producer with failing prospects, has a problem. His last four shows have all flopped. He desperately needs a break, but those aren’t easy to come by for a broke Broadway producer. Without money or even a script to go from, how can he turn his fortunes around?

Broadway starlet Lily Garland may have his answer. She and Oscar were lovers once, but they’ve had a falling out. Lily has a new boyfriend now, and wants to make a name of herself in Hollywood. Oscar has other hopes in mind.

On the Twentieth Century 2

He’s got one long train ride to convince Lily to star in his new play. A play that doesn’t exist. And has no backing funds. Can he save his career, his love for Lily, and get a play, any play, onto the stage?

On the Twentieth Century 3

Wicked Fun

Kristen Chenoweth made a name for herself with her stellar turn as Glinda the Good Witch in “Wicked”. This Tony and Emmy-winning actress’s return to Broadway is filled with laughs and vintage style. Starring with her is Peter Gallagher, who’s won a Golden Globe himself. Tony-winning director Scott Ellis helms this exciting revival.

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