If you’re looking for a fun time, either alone or with the kids, and don’t mind learning a little bit in the process, take a trip to the New York City Fire Museum! This fascinating and unique destination, located at 278 Spring St. between Varick and Hudson streets, will show you all kinds of fire equipment, from buckets to modern fire engines.

New York City Fire Museum 1

The museum has many attractions, but prominent among them are its five permanent exhibitions, each showcasing a different aspect of firefighting in New York City.

Evolution Before Your Eyes

The Fire Apparatus exhibit shows the evolution of the fire engine. Did you know it used to be pulled by (very brave) horses? Here you can see each step of the transition from horse to automobile.

New York City Fire Museum 2


Fighting Fire is an Art

On a different note, the Romance of Firefighting exhibit showcases not machinery or equipment, but art featuring firefighters. Then as now, firefighters are considered to be incredibly courageous people, and the romance that comes from this inspired the many works in this exhibit.

New York City Fire Museum 3


Tools of the Trade

The Tools and Uniforms exhibit shows gear used by firefighters, from the 1970s to the modern day. From breathing apparatus to forced entry tools, this exhibit has it all, and is perfect for that small child who likes to point and say “cooool!”

New York City Fire Museum 4


And these are just three of the five exhibits you’ll find! The museum also has rotating exhibits, a rich history, and a very hands-on fire safety training course (well, if you’re in a school group).

So if you’re up for some unique fun, and find the romance of firefighting appealing, check out the New York City Fire Museum.

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