The museum, I mean. But I can tell you one thing: if you’re ever feeling bored with the day to day of normal life, and you think you might just want today to be a bit… I don’t know. Special. If you ever feel like that, you should check out the New York Hall of Science. This amazing museum has over 450 different exhibitions, events, and activities of various kinds. Ever since its founding at the 1964-5 World’s Fair, the Hall of Science has been wowing young and old alike.

Wowing them with what? That’s a good question. Let’s see…

Dead or Alive
Well isn’t that interesting. There are two events here that pair rather well. For dead, we have the Mexican Day of the Dead or, Dia de los Muertos! Learn about this traditional holiday with kids ages six and up by getting involved and making keepsakes like jewelry and keyrings.

And for “alive,” you can have an encounter with real, live, bats! Isn’t that great? And if you’re afraid of them getting in your hair, don’t worry — you can always just wear a hat. This wonderful (or terrifying, depending on your point of view) encounter takes place from 1-3 pm on Sunday, October 25th.
New York Hall of Science 1
The Art of Science
But it’s not all learning — sometimes it’s simply appreciation of artists like Sandra Gottlieb, who currently has up an exhibition called October Waves. This is a series of photographs taken each day at sunset during the October 2013 hurricane season at Rockaway Beach, Queens. Hauntingly beautiful, these focus on the power and primal nature of the waves.
New York Hall of Science 2
Little Hands
And, of course, for those small children in your life, who might not be able to appreciate the above just yet (give them time), they have the Little Makers program. This gives curious children the opportunity to play and craft to their heart’s content in a safe environment. Just make sure to dress them in something that can get dirty — creation is a messy business!
New York Hall of Science 3
If that doesn’t convince you to go to the museum, I don’t know what will. Except, possibly, for checking out the website for yourself. And when you go, join us on Seastreak! We have no mess or dangerous experimentation on our ride — just time-honored, and time-tested luxury, pure and simple. So grab a Seastreak ticket and head on over to the New York Hall of Science today.

Just remember to wear your sunglasses.

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