Its Halloween week. Like all of us, you want something fun to do, something Halloween-y, but maybe not with jack-o-lanterns and costumes. Something scary. Something spooky. Look no further: there’s no better way to make your mind expand and your skin crawl than a trip to the Morbid Anatomy Museum at 424 Third Avenue!

Yes, A Little Morbid
The Morbid Anatomy Museum is just a little over a year old, but is the extension of an older Morbid Anatomy Library and blog. The Museum exists to display objects, stories, and ideas which tend to get lost somewhere between high and low culture, between the divides of disciplines, and especially between positive aspects of life and the ever-shunned idea of death. To this end they have exhibitions and events for the general public.
Morbid Anatomy 1
The Library
The Morbid Anatomy Library has been running since 2008. It contains over 1,000 books, as well as various memorabilia and curiosities pertaining to death and dying. The Library’s collection includes information and artifacts on medical museums and the history of medicine, photographs, artwork, natural history, collections and collecting, and arcane media, to give but a few examples.

The Library isn’t just a tourist attraction, either — it is used for serious research. It currently has two scholars in residence (Evan Michelson and Salvador Olguín) and is free of charge to other researchers.
Morbid Anatomy 2
Hypnogogia is the experience of the transitional state from wakefulness into sleep, and is also the subject of the Museum’s current temporary exhibition. It assembles works from numerous artists, all on this idea of transition and transitory states, in one form or another. It includes some works that are rarely seen, so it would be a good idea to catch it before it’s gone.
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The Morbid Anatomy Museum is interesting at any time of the year, and hits on a number of different creepy subjects that are unlikely to be found in most other museums. But even if creepy is not normally your thing, now is the time of year to head down to the Museum and give it a whirl. And let Seastreak take you there! After all, if you are going to be seeing something that makes you a bit uneasy, it’s good to be pampered and coddled both there and back. And even if you’re not, you can never go wrong adding some good old-fashioned luxury to your trip.

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