It’s the last hurrah for Halloween 2014 this weekend! While Friday is the holiday itself, there’s still plenty of wild fun happening all weekend long! Unleash your inner beast, and head out to the Bronx Zoo (2300 Southern Boulevard) on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday for the exciting Boo at the Zoo event! You won’t find more party animals anywhere else this Halloween.

Boo at the Zoo 1

Creature Feature

Forget ghosts, goblins, and vampires. You’ll see the real creatures of the night when you go to Boo at the Zoo. Hang out with bats, meet the who’s who of owls, and decline lunch with vultures! Learn more about critters that scurry, slither, and scare at chats about rats, snakes, and even dragons. (That’s komodo dragons. Sightings of the fire-breathing variety not guaranteed.) Then head back in time with the Dinosaur Safari, and find out about the beasts who lived before the inhabitants of the zoo.

For extra Halloween fun, wear your costume so you can be part of the costume parade! Take a walk in the dark, through the Jack O’Lantern Illumination tunnel, where more than 1,000 hand-carved pumpkins light your way. If that’s not enough excitement to send you out of your gourd, don’t miss the demonstrations on 3-D carved pumpkins. You’ll be amazed at the art you can make with a squash.

Boo at the Zoo 2

Show and Tell

When you’re ready to sit for a while and rest your feet, there’s performances to keep you entertained. Enjoy puppet shows about extinct species, or be amazed at one of the magic demonstrations! Go hands on with creepy craft workshops, too.

After the Boo at the Zoo, have a Shriek at the Seastreak! (Though we’d rather you didn’t scream at anyone on the ferry. Shriek quietly before you get to the docks. It’s close enough.) Relax with our old-fashioned customer service and luxurious watercraft after your day at the zoo.


Sea you soon!

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