Now and then, a show turns up on Broadway with a perfect storm of playwright, cast, and incredible set design. These productions remind us why the theater is magic, and how deeply a play can affect us. Theater lovers, take note: one of these shows opened on Broadway last week, and it’s playing a strictly limited engagement. Get your tickets now for “The River”, starring Hugh Jackson and playing at Circle in the Square Theater (235 W. 50th Street)!

The River 1

A River Runs Through It

Playwright Jez Butterworth, whose prior play “Jerusalem” received a Tony nomination (and the star of the play won the Tony for Best Leading Actor), brings a tense, disturbing story to the stage. A man has brought his new girlfriend to a remote cabin in the woods, where he intends to go trout fishing in the dark of the new moon. As the play progresses, more details unfold about the man’s intentions, and his relationship with those he brings to his cabin. The play’s mystery will keep the audience wondering right up to the end.

The River 2

The set design pulls off an incredible feat. With the setting so integral to the story, the design team has created a remote cabin in the woods in theater. Especially lucky attendees will get their hands on what the theater calls “Riverbank Seating”, which promises a unique and personal vantage from which to watch the intimate production.

Wolverine On Stage

Hugh Jackman makes his return to Broadway in “The River”. While he’s best known for his turn as Wolverine in the X-Men comic book franchise, or recently as Jean Valjean in the cinematic adaptation of “Les Miserables”, Jackman has extensive experience on the stage. His casting in “The River” has made it a highly anticipated production!

The River 3

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