Curry is practically an international language of delicious comfort food. When hearing the word “curry”, most people think about Indian foods, like the tasty tikka masala, or a hearty vindaloo. Varieties of curry, however, grace tables all throughout Asia, from Pakistan to Sri Lanka, China, and Japan. Haven’t tried Japanese-style curry yet? Well, you’re in for a treat at Go Go Curry, just about half a mile from Pier 11 at 12 John Street!

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Number 55

Named after famous New York Yankees outfielder and designated hitter Hideki Matsui’s jersey number, Go Go Curry serves up big dishes of their Kanazawa-style curry. You can recognize it by its thick, dark sauce and its off-beat toppings, like boiled eggs or sausages. It’s a unique style you don’t see too often outside of Japan, but like everything else that’s good, you can find it here in Manhattan.

(Wondering what a baseball player has to do with curry? Hideki Matsui was born in the Kanazawa region, and he’s a pretty big hero there. The word “go” means “five” in Japanese, and his jersey was number 55. If you win big on a game show because you knew this, be sure to tell ‘em you learned it from Seastreak.)

Go Go Curry

Curry-nt Events

Until September 30, you can turn what’s already a great deal on curry into an even better one with Lower Manhattan Tuesdays’s fabulous deals. Get an extra topping when you take advantage of this promotion!

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Curry some favor with your belly by filling up on Japanese food from the Ishikawa prefecture at Go Go Curry, and then relax aboard a comfy Seastreak ferry on your way home. Don’t forget your doggy bag!

Sea you soon!

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