Benjamin Franklin’s saying goes, “Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.” Sometimes, it doesn’t even take that long before the tensions heat up and everything goes wrong. A suburban couple with an uneasy existence discovers this in Edward Albee’s classic play, “A Delicate Balance”. This revival, playing now at the John Golden Theater (252 W. 45th Street) stars John Lithgow and Glenn Close, as she makes her return to the stage!

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Tipping the Balance

Agnes and Tobias lead a relatively peaceful if uneasy existence with Agnes’s alcoholic sister, Claire. This fragile peace is disturbed by the return of Julia, the couple’s adult daughter, as her fourth marriage dissolves and she must return home. It is further threatened by the sudden arrival of Agnes and Tobias’s best friends, Harry and Edna. These friends’ anxiety has gone into overdrive. They believe some nameless threat has menaced them, and they want to stay with Agnes and Tobias to escape it.

As this volatile hodgepodge of people move in, both friendships and the bonds of family are tested by the weight of the past and the clashing needs for personal space. With tensions running hot, will they boil over and tear everyone apart? Or can Agnes and Tobias maintain their delicate balance?

Delicate Balance 2

A Return to Broadway

Glenn Close has made her name on the silver screen, but she began her illustrious acting career on Broadway. She has appeared in various popular films, from the recent blockbuster “Guardians of the Galaxy” to more cerebral favorites such as “Hamlet”. John Lithgow has lent his charm and acting prowess to many productions, appearing in the hit television shows “How I Met Your Mother” and “3rd Rock From the Sun”, and as the voice of the evil prince in the animated “Shrek” movies.

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