Any way you slice it, pizza is the food of kings. (Or more accurately, queens. There’s a popular story about how, in 1889, pizza maker Raffaele Esposito created a special pizza to honor Queen Margherita of Savoy. Lucky lady!) Pizza’s the people’s food these days, and you can get your hands on a delicious brick-oven pizza just a half mile away from Seastreak’s docks at Pier 11. Head over to Blue Planet Grill at 120 Greenwich Street!

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Weird and Wonderful

Eat a piece of pizza history by ordering the pizza old Raffaele created to flatter Queen Margherita, done in shades to represent the national colors of Italy. Blue Planet Grill makes the same pretty pie, with pomodoro, fresh mozzarella, and fresh basil. It’s a tasty dish for diners who’d like something a little different.

Or, you could go a lot different and try the octopus and seaweed salad pizza. Maybe the pickled herring and young potato pizza. Blue Planet Grill specializes in toppings you might never have thought of otherwise, and the pizza chefs bring them together in a delectable harmony.

Blue Planet Grill 2

Bounty of a Blue Planet

Blue Planet Grill’s menu includes dishes not served on a crust, too. The beef stroganoff draws rave reviews, and for good reason. Its strips of filet mignon are sautéed in sour cream, with mushroom sauce and mashed potato. There are menu options for people who need gluten-free foods, including black forest cake and red velvet cake.

Tuesdays until September 30 are a great time to grab supper at Blue Planet Grill. Lower Manhattan Tuesdays has a special running for 20% off dinner for two or more. Sign up and take advantage of this money-saving promotion!

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If Seastreak had been around in 1889, we would have given Queen Margherita of Savoy a ferry trip fit for a queen. Let us provide you with the same royal treatment by choosing Seastreak’s comfortable catamarans and famous customer service!


Sea you soon!


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