Seastreak can take you to the heart of Manhattan, it’s true, but we’ll also take you to the fringe! The New York International Fringe Festival (FringeNYC in the vernacular) isn’t your average festival, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. You might not find better proof than the spectacular Gary Busey’s One-Man Hamlet, playing until August 23. The Celebration of Whimsy Theater, at 21A Clinton Street on the Lower East Side, is the venue for this entirely off-the-wall take on the Prince of Denmark.

Gary Busey's One-Man Hamlet

Alas, Poor Hamlet

This is Hamlet, heavy on the ham, as played by Gary Busey impersonator David Carl. It’s a multi-media puppet show extravaganza (not a phrase you hear every day) with David Carl playing Gary Busey playing a puppet playing Hamlet. And Ophelia. And everyone else in the play. The premise is a laugh in itself: Gary Busey, actor of great fame and dubious repute, has decided to prove he still has strong acting chops. To do this, he decides to play all the roles in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Gary Busey's One-Man Hamlet 2

Clown Prince of Denmark

What results from this ill-advised show of theatrical bravado is five acts of hysterical fun. Gary Busey’s screwball doppelganger plays each of the play’s scenes in whatever style he feels best. This means a wild ride between beat poetry, musical theater, horror movies, and the stylings of a great (term used loosely) actor. As much as it doesn’t stick to one acting style, this romp through Shakespeare doesn’t stick to the traditional text, either. It’s full of memes and movie bits, and it’s a fabulous time.

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