Broadway musicals usually come from a few sources. You might see a movie end up adapted for the stage, which seems like a natural step. Spoken-word plays might accumulate a few songs and evolve, like melodic butterflies, into musicals. What you don’t usually expect to see is a graphic novel turned into a musical. (Take a look at Spiderman. No, on second thought, don’t.) “Fun Home” is one of the few shows that started its life as a graphic novel, and it’s done so to critical acclaim! You can see it at Circle in the Square (1633 Broadway).

Fun Home 1

From Page to Stage

Alison Bechdel’s family is a strange one, but it’s the family she has. The play introduces us to her mother, her brothers, and especially to her father. He is a dynamic man, one of volatile moods and enigmatic ways. He’s a powerful force in the family, but he devotes his attention to decorating their home and maintaining his antiques.

From the vantage point of adulthood, Alison has the perspective to wonder how her choices affected her father. He committed suicide soon after she came out as a lesbian, and later, she learns he’d struggled with his own hidden homosexuality.

Fun Home 2

Award-Winning Drama

The production shows us three periods in Alison’s life. They are presented as a patchwork, yet they all come together so we can see the bigger picture. Audiences have the opportunity to experience the play from an intimate viewpoint, as it is performed entirely in the round. While the subject matter is heavy, the play leavens it with humor and heart, making this a show worth the tissues you’ll use to dry your eyes.

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