Watercooler chats about the Revolutionary War (the hottest topic since ancient Rome, when we had Julius Caesar’s unfortunate choice in wardrobe accessories to gossip about) seem to center on places like Boston. New York’s place in this important part of our nation’s history gets overlooked in favor of talking about an incident with tea, and some guys riding their horses too late at night. You can learn more about New York’s history with Colonial America and the Revolutionary War at Fraunces Tavern Museum, at 54 Pearl Street.

Fraunces Tavern Museum

The Revolution In Manhattan

Fraunces Tavern has seen plenty of historical action. Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton attended a soiree hosted by the Society of the Cincinnati here a week before their infamous duel. George Washington gave his farewell to his troops here at the end of the Revolution. The museum houses rare furniture and china from the era, as well as paintings which give a sense of the time period.

When all that history makes you hungry, you don’t have far to go. The Fraunces Tavern still serves delicious, Colonial-style food, like shepherd’s pie with lamb, carrots, and whipped potatoes, or a 10oz grilled skirt steak. For a real treat, try one of the more than 130 craft beers and ciders they keep stocked.

Fraunces Tavern Museum Restaurant

History On the Cheap

Check out the exhibits at Fraunces Tavern for less when you take advantage of the Lower Manhattan Tuesdays special promotion. You can get two-for-one admission to the Fraunces Tavern Museum, as well as a variety of deals for nearby establishments. The specials go on until September 30, so jump in on it today!

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