Talking about food and reading about food aren’t quite as good as eating it, but they can get close. Food doesn’t just meet our biological need for sustenance. It has an important place in our culture, as well as how we socialize and interact with each other. How many marriages have been proposed over a fine meal, or deals finalized over cocktails and snacks? Learn more about choosing, preparing, and enjoying foods at the Food Book Fair! It’s going on April 10 through April 12 at the Wythe Hotel (80 Wythe Avenue)!

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Celebrating Food and Drink

This year marks the fourth iteration of this unique festival, which was founded in 2012. No other event is quite like it, with its stand-out programming filled with conversations about new ideas in food and the writing surrounding it! It features more than 20 events over three days, including panel discussions and popular participants, and of course, food and drink!

Over 25 independent food magazines and their creators will take part, as well as more than 50 chefs, writers, and publishers. You’ll have the chance to hear from such luminaries as Joanne Chang, Glenn Roberts, and Martha Rose Shulman. Naturally, there’ll be a selection of cookbooks, magazines, and other publications available!

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Talking Turkey (and Grains, and Vegetables)

The daily programming during the Food Book Fair promises an interesting and informative array of presentations. Learn more about the way foods are labeled, and what all the terms mean. Hear about the 1,000 foods you should try before you go to the great buffet in the sky. Discover more about the politics, history, and economics of popular cuisine that’s traveled across the planet.

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