So you’re tired of turkey. Since last week, you’ve had leftover turkey for every meal. Ready to duck out for a bite of anything not turkey? Duck it is. Peking duck, to be exact, juicy and moist, with a crispy skin to contrast. If this has gotten your attention, then you ought to head down to Decoy, at 529 ½ Hudson Street. It’s underneath RedFarm, and it serves a Peking duck feast that has to be tasted to be believed.

Decoy 1

Setting the Bar

Decoy doesn’t have a lot of space. (The space used to house a laundromat. Talk about an upgrade.) There’s a communal table, a few seating niches, and room at the bar for people who’d like dinner and a drink.

There’s plenty of different foods to be had at Decoy. Unlike some restaurants, however, many of them are only available to those seated at the bar, such as the items on the a la carte menu. With tempting dishes like lobster with wide rice noodles, oxtail dumplings, and waygu short rib skewers, though, it’s difficult to consider that a hardship.

Decoy 2

Fowl-Weather Feast

The main draw here is the Peking duck dinner. It’s available by reservation, and also if you luck out and arrive before they’ve sold out. Decoy offers the duck feasts as part of a prix fixe menu. Most who order the duck sit at the long, communal table, to enjoy enough birds to split between the members of their party.

Each duck is carved to perfection, so you’ll get the most from the serving. Decoy serves them with homemade pancakes, just like in Peking, with three dipping sauces to enjoy. You can also share a number of appetizers and side dishes. The real challenge is finding room for dessert.

Decoy 3

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