For the longest time, high praise for a restaurant came with the words “generous portions”. Translated, that meant, “a plate full of enough food to serve the entire population of Rhode Island”, and if you didn’t need two doggy bags to cart out the remains of your dinner? Then the restaurant didn’t give you enough food. Tastes have begun to change in recent days, however. Diners are all about tapas and small plates. If there’s drinks to go along with those tiny portions, all the better. Not too many restaurants understand this better than Estela. Nestled into a cozy place at 47 East Houston Street, this eatery’s small-plate menu really shines!

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Wine Press

Estela has gained quite a bit of positive press since it opened its doors. The proprietors designed it as a beverage-driven restaurant, where the extensive and diverse wine list is the star of the show. It deserves every bit of the attention, featuring wines from all over Europe. Vintages from France come naturally expected, but you’ll also find wines from Italy, Spain, and even the Czech Republic.

This wine list makes Estela a worthy destination for an after-work aperitif or relaxer. The eatery is more than drinks, however. Their ever-changing menu of small plate foods is worthy of attention all on its own.

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Sophisticated Snacking

Weeknights, you can have a bite to eat here in the evening. On the weekends, Estela lets its hair down for brunch time. No matter when you go, you’ll find a revolving door of treats you’ll want to try.

Simple snacks like olives, pickled carrots, and salami offer basic tastes for those looking for a small bite. More extensive dishes include quail on toast with broccoli di Cicco, or cured fluke with sea urchin. Snacks are seldom as sophisticated as at Estela!

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