The Big Apple is a city of reinvention. New York diligence and sheer fortitude mean you can count on both the people and the businesses here to bounce back from anything that knocks them down. When a favorite restaurant closes, it’s a sad event, but give it a little while. Odds are good the people involved will return, better than ever, with a place you’ll fall in love with all over again. So it is with Espoleta, the newly opened eatery at 334 Bowery. It marks the return of some of New York’s familiar faces!

Espoleta 1

Old Friends, New Eatery

Regulars of Forcella’s, the late and lamented restaurant, may be glad to see the space used well. It’s not the same as it was, but the owner, Guilio Adriani, is bursting back into the city’s restaurant scene with Spanish cuisine. This rebooted eatery is well worth taking the time to visit.

Tapas have drawn a lot of attention in recent days, and for good reason. Who doesn’t love magnificent, flavorful bites and a wide variety to choose from in one sitting? It’s like having a six-course meal without straining your belt. Try a little of everything and come away happy.

Espoleta 2

Tapas Dancing

Espoleta has a full complement of tapas and pintxos designed to make your mouth water. They’ve got the standards you’re hoping for, like the pan con tomate and the Iberico ham, but their menu always has something special. Chorizo, for example, or fried shishito peppers. The beef picadillo empanadas with salsa verde and golden raisins are a delight.

Espoleta 3

Remember Sueños? Sue Torres, chef of that incredible Mexican restaurant, consults on the menu at Espoleta. Everyone really does come back to New York, no matter where they’ve gone.

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