Indulge Your Inner Detective at Escape the Room
A day in Manhattan can give you a pleasant escape from your usual daily routine. Or, it can give you the challenge of escaping a room while the clock ticks down to the death of your investigative bragging rights! If you’re looking for a new and different way to pass an hour in the city, put your detective skills to the test in the Escape the Room game! They have five games to choose from at two different locations.

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A Test of Skill

The premise of Escape the Room is deceptively simple. Teams of between six and eleven people are locked in a room for sixty minutes. In this setting, they will find clues with which they can open the combination lock which holds the door closed. The team must decipher the hints given in the time alloted to win and escape the room. After one hour, the diligent staff, who monitor the entire game for safety, will let the team out.

Players can form their own teams ahead of time by purchasing blocks of tickets, or can buy fewer tickets and join others who would like to play. Teamwork will see greater chances of success than working alone, so making friends and working together is highly encouraged.

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Sixty Fast Minutes of Fun

Escape the Room, and games like it, are rapidly growing in popularity. The fad of escape games began in Asia, and has now spread across America. The Escape the Room NYC game offers varying scenarios which ensure you’ll want to go back more than once.

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