We’re all pretty attached to our favorite regional foods. Let’s take cheesesteaks for an example. For anyone who hasn’t visited Philadelphia, you slap some meat and cheese on a roll, and you have a cheesesteak. Tell that to a true Philadelphian, however, and you’ll see a first-hand demonstration of “wailing and gnashing of teeth”. Same goes for the foods created in other places. Folks from the Southwest wouldn’t recognize much of the Mexican food around New York City, and Texans? They’ve been up a creek if they wanted Tex-Mex meals. Until now. Get your Tex-Mex on at El Original! It’s at 735 10th Avenue.

El Original 1

The Queso Abides

You love cheese, right? Let El Original introduce you to the concept of chile con queso, or just queso for short. If you haven’t met this glorious bowl of melty goodness, you are in for a delightful surprise. Molten cheese with green chile and pico de gallo is the only real way to start off a Tex-Mex feast. Grab your corn chips and dig in.

Provided you don’t just drink a few bowls of queso and call it good, El Original has a menu full of delicious foods you’ll want to try. Cheesy enchiladas, saucy tamales, and a variety of tacos await your taste buds.

El Original 2

Vegetarian Friendly, Hunger Intolerant

Leaving El Original hungry is all but impossible, even for those who’d rather not eat meat. There’s plenty on the menu for our vegetarian friends, including spinach and mushroom enchiladas, vegetarian fajitas, and even black bean tacos. Wash them down with one of the many margaritas available for the perfect complement to a Tex-Mex meal.

El Original 3

Seastreak ferries are the best thing to happen since queso, and better for the lactose intolerant! We’re a New York original, dedicated to get you where you’re going in luxurious style.


Sea you soon!

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