In some of the best stories, our hero or heroine evolves as they tale goes on. They learn, they grow, they become a different person than the one we knew when we started out. That journey makes the happy ending at the end of the story worthwhile. So it’s no surprise that a restaurant called Happy Ending would have quite the story behind where it is today! You can be part of that happy ending at 302 Broome Street, and enjoy some delicious French food in the process.

Happy Ending 1

Happily Ever After

With a chef like Francis Gabarrus at the helm (he has Michelin stars in his pocket, and has worked at places like French Laundry), there wasn’t ever much chance the food here would be anything short of fabulous. This is French comfort food done mouth-wateringly well. You just can’t go wrong with foods like the foie gras Happy Ending, with fig and dried plum chutney, or the salmon a la vapeur, with green curry sauce and yams.

Happy Ending 2

The restaurant itself has a fun, funky feel. Unique art and modern design turn this restaurant into a classy but casual place to spend time. Downstairs from the dining room, however, you’ll encounter a lounge vibe and a dance-hall atmosphere. Enjoy the food, the music, and the chance to cut loose on the dance floor.

Happy Ending 3

A Changing Venue

Happy Ending has quite the story attached to it. Once upon a time, this place was a massage parlor. After a while, it turned into a bar, known for its dive-like ambiance. That version of Happy Ending closed in 2013. Now, however, it has returned as the posh hangout with the Michelin-starred chef. That’s happily ever after.

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