The most convenient and luxurious way to get there

Experience the majesty of Narragansett Bay on your way to the charming New England enclave of Newport, R.I.  Whether traveling from Providence, Boston, or points north or south, skip the traffic and parking on your way to explore its distinctive shops, renowned restaurants, diverse accommodations, world-class events, and miles of unspoiled beaches and scenic trails.  Hands-down, the ferry from Providence really is the best way to get there.

Comforts of home, on the boat

Amenities abound including plush seating with spacious legroom, a climate controlled cabin and an open-air top deck, 360-degree panoramic windows, private bathroom, and a full-service bar with cocktails, beer, wine, sodas, tea, coffee, and snacks.

You can sit in the sun with a drink and a book and friends and music and cruise through the bay to a day in Newport.

The fastest way to get to Newport

Cut out the long drive and parking headaches and take the Seastreak ferry from Providence instead. We’ll spare you the traffic-jammed frustration and replace it with a relaxing and enjoyable cruise to Newport, and get you there quicker.

There is no bumper to bumper traffic. And you get to skip all the stop-lights along the way.

Convenient Departure Point

Located close to all major roadways, access to the Newport ferry terminal is a breeze. There is plenty of parking available.

Love being on a boat. Love being able to sit up top. Love the convenience of being able to get from where I live to Newport easily.