Believe it or not, there’s times when a beer just won’t do. Don’t get us wrong. We love a good brew just as much as the next folks (though never while we’re driving, either cars or ferries). Variety is the spice of life, and it’s nice to change things up, especially when there’s a delicious alternative. Hard cider has started to gain popularity, and with good reason. Get a taste for all things cider at the new cider bar Wassail! It’s at 162 Orchard Street.

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How Do You Like Them Apples

You might find a pear cider here or there, but apples dominate the cider scene. It’d be easy to think that all ciders are the same, tasting like apple juice all grown up, but that would be a mistake. Ciders are complex and diverse, as different as the sorts of apples they come from. Every country that makes ciders does it a little bit differently.

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Wassail has curated New York’s most comprehensive list of ciders and serves them up right. You’ll find nearly 100 ciders from around the world available by the bottle, as well as about a dozen from the tap. There’s ciders from the most common international places, like Switzerland or Chile, but you might also find some surprising entries from Japan and New Zealand. The best stuff naturally comes from places around the United States.

Meet the Eats

The folks at Wassail would hate to send you home hungry, so they’ve put together a menu of foods designed to go with their drinks of choice. For a different spin on gastropub fare, they’ve left out the meat. Instead, you’ll find a menu of delicious vegetable dishes perfect for pairing with the ciders on offer.

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